For the Cafe

To compliment and enhance the coffee experience, Arrosta Coffee supplies to it's customers, items that complete the total coffee package.

Arrosta Coffee Range

Available in 1kg and 200g bags


  • Arrosta Beans 
  • Arrosta Filter
  • Arrosta Espresso Beans
  • Arrosta Espresso Filter
  • Arrosta Fair Trade Organic Beans
  • Arrosta Columbian Beans
  • Arrosta Columbian Filter
  • Arrosta Decaf Beans
  • Arrosta Decaf Filter
Chai Loose Leaf Teas

A NZ brand, available in Black Tea, Flavoured Black Tea and Green Tea. 

Flavours are:

  • English Breakfast

  • Malthouse

  • Chai Nova

  • Darjeeling

  • Monsoon

  • Earl Grey

  • Tropical Sunrise

  • Vanilla Espresso

  • Pounamu

  • Jade Fusion

  • Moroccan Mint

  • Marsala Spice

Brew your favourite flavour of Chai in these funky tea pots, available in bold modern black and Chai green.


Torani Syrups, Sauces and Flavourings

torani_syrup.jpgThese syrups, sauces and flavourings are available in over 80 delicious regular and sugar free flavours.  Made with all natural flavours, Torani syrups are 100% naturally flavoured, "not pasteurized".  Torani syrups are available in a range of fruit, nut and spice flavours with an authentic taste profile.

Masala Chai Syrups for Chai Lattes

marsala_chai.jpgWith a slightly sweet and spicy taste, Marsala Chai lets you explorea taste of the exotic.  This complex flavour is the perfect blend of black tea extract, cinnamon, nutmet, cloves and allspice.  Perfect for making Chai Lattes.



Roasted in Wellington and centrally distributed from Palmerston North, Arrosta Coffee offers you an exceptional New Zealand coffee - a premuim coffee blend.

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